Joost Verbakel is a Rotterdam based bass player who is active in many musical genres.

Joost started playing the upright bass at the age of 8, and the bass guitar when he was 14. After a preparatory course at the Rotterdam Conservatory, he began studying classical double bass with Rob Dirksen at the Tilburg Conservatory. Here he also studied improvised music with Marc van Rooij, Ludo van der Winkel, and Udo Pannekeet.

Because he is broadly educated and interested in lots of musical styles, he has performed with orchestras, bands, and ensembles such as DoelenEnsemble, Zeeuws Orkest, Frank Windemuller Group, Marit Thus, David Romanello Quartet, Elke Vierveijzer, Kamerata Zuid, Magogo, Chelsea Foreman Quintet, Hurricane Bob, and many others.

Joost teaches upright bass and bass guitar at SKVR, de VAK, and Mixin’Music.